Business Development Becomes Doable

May 05 , 2015
by Karen Kahn

Daunting to DOable coverI know you think it’s impossible. Even those of you with a 2M book of business think you have taken business development as far as it can go. But no, I promise you, there is a way to make it pour: it takes focus, strategy (I will give you one) and small, step by step deliberate actions. The problem for most of us (I include myself) is not having an approach, recipe or game plan (choose the metaphor of choice.) that works. I must admit, it’s a little bit ironic—when you work with clients you have check lists, procedures and methodologies that accomplish amazing wins, and yet when it comes to business development, many of you have described your attempts as“scattered.”

Here’s another piece of irony: when I ask “How are you tracking?” to inquire about your progress toward meeting your billable hour requirements, most of you know exactly where you stand, even to the quarter hour. So, let’s build upon what you know and do well to drive rainmaking success.

When I set out to write my recently released book, Daunting to DOable: You CAN Make It Rain, I was adamant that it say something different, something that, as a psychologist turned strategic coach, I knew would work. Like you, I referred to precedent, for research. The question I used to direct my query was this: “Are there any programs out there that have a very high record of accomplishing behavior change?” After all, developing business is a set of relationship fostering behaviors. Sure enough, there are 2 organizations that have a significant track record in helping people change their behaviors: Weight Watchers™ and Alcoholics Anonymous. While both of these groups do many things that foster success among their members, two elements, in particular, provide an important template for business development goals:

  • Define the target behavior succinctly
  • Count the goal behaviors for frequent reinforcement/reward


With this and current realities of the legal marketplace in mind here is the cornerstone concept around which Daunting to DOable will give you clear, practical instruction:

The person with an extensive list of, sustained, value-based relationships makes rain.

Let’s use this equation to make you a rain-maker.

How do you create a relevant, extensive list? With the enormous pressure to bill, how can you sustain enough relationships to make rain? Who are your priority relationships? How do you move from scattered to strategic? Important questions, all answered in a step-by-step, friendly voice in Daunting to DOable. Becoming a successful rainmaker isn’t a big deal. It is actually a “small deal” comprised of smartly conceived, small actions that CAN be integrated into your busy life using your way of working, relating and thinking. I am looking forward to beginning relationships, through the book and through conversations, where, together, success happens. You CAN Make It Rain.

(Daunting to DOable: You CAN Make It Rain is available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon.)



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