About Us

As law firms and professional services firms change so must the configuration and approaches of the outside experts on whom they call for input. We are a new kind of entity, a Collaborancy™

col∙lab∙o∙ran∙cy (kō-lăb’ă-răn-sē)
n. pl. col∙lab∙o∙ran∙cies a business that shares its expertise with the goals, culture and leadership style of another organization; together they create innovative ideas, solutions and strategies.

Who We Are

We are a group of highly experienced professionals who stay abreast of the latest multidisciplinary research. Creating highly impactful, innovative strategies for individual and organizational growth and change is our focus.

We are proud to be a broadly diverse group in terms of our training and background. We…

• come from different ethnic groups and are both genders
• possess different licenses, degrees, and certifications (many on our team are lawyers; others have degrees foundational to talent development)
• have had experience in large corporations including with top leadership of Fortune 100 companies
• live in different parts of the United States (some have lived extensively in different parts of the world)

AND, we are pleased to share similarities. We…

• believe that success grows exponentially from sustained relationships
• possess deep, expanding, knowledge about law firms
• have extensive experience and advanced training as coaches
• enjoy working, playing and relating

How We Work

As a collaborancy™ we believe that the interplay of ideas sharpens thinking and expands creativity. Therefore, we don’t “sell” programs. Instead we engage organizations in comprehensive discussions about their objectives, perspectives, leadership and culture. Together we design solutions to confront their critical challenges.

Dynamic discussions within our group, exchanging ideas with colleagues outside of Threshold Advisors, and awareness of current interdisciplinary research assure that our assistance is fresh, relevant and founded upon the most current thinking.

Knowledge and action are core elements in all Threshold Advisors engagements. Knowledge tells us what will work; action puts knowledge to work. Customized and strategic utilization of these components foster effective concepts and solutions to propel organizations ahead.

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