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Welcome to Threshold Advisors

Why are we called “Threshold” Advisors?  Because we see the legal community on the threshold of tomorrow, a tomorrow that includes constantly changing and increasingly competitive marketplace demands requiring strategic thinking and business development skills, growing numbers of lawyers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives who must learn to work together collaboratively, and emerging next generation leaders who need to develop or enhance leadership skills.

Our collaborancy™ model helps move law firms and legal departments through this threshold by creating dynamic partnerships between our highly experienced, multidisciplinary experts and their seasoned professionals who intimately know their businesses (and, in the case of individuals, themselves).  Together we become a think tank that co-creates and delivers the highest quality talent and organizational development services to the legal industry.

Join us on the threshold where new ways of achieving tomorrow’s success will occur.



How Much Confidence Do Others Have in You?

July 07, 2015

by Andi Groomes

If you’re like most lawyers, you want to project a great image—one that leads others to believe in you as much as you believe in you. But how do you achieve this? Forming a strong personal brand begins with your …

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Business Development Becomes Doable

May 05, 2015

by Karen Kahn

I know you think it’s impossible. Even those of you with a 2M book of business think you have taken business development as far as it can go. But no, I promise you, there is a way to make it …

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