Threshold Advisors

Threshold Advisors is an innovative Talent Development Collaborancy™ providing strategic business coaching for the legal industry.

We see the legal industry on the threshold of tomorrow — a tomorrow that includes an evolving and increasingly competitive marketplace that demands an engaged, diverse workforce, strategic thinking, creative business development approaches, and innovative efforts. To compete, the 21st-century law firm culture and structure must attract, retain and support lawyers from all backgrounds and perspectives who work collaboratively and proactively to meet the evolving needs of our international community.


It’s not easy being a lawyer today. It involves a rapid-fire juggling of personal pursuits and desires with various, often competing, work requirements. Threshold Advisors takes a strategic approach to individual and organizational change and growth by implementing a methodology paralleling that outlined in our business development philosophy, Daunting to DOable:

  • What . . . do you want to accomplish

  • Who/Resources/Approach . . . are necessary to achieve our goals

  • How . . . do we implement in a smart way

Creating workplaces where women, men and firms thrive and elevate the success of their firms is DOable.

Founder and Managing Partner

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Dr. Karen Kahn is a psychologist, certified coach and consultant, and the author of Daunting to Doable - You CAN Make it Rain and 100 Steps to Doable: Pocket-Sized Inspiration for Making it Rain. As the founder and Managing Partner of Threshold Advisors, Karen has worked exclusively with lawyers and law firms for many years as a strategic business development coach and an innovative “thought partner.”

With unparalleled passion and expertise, Karen teaches business development, strategic thinking, clear communication, personal effectiveness, and relationship development. She has a well-established reputation as a "thought leader" and "thought teacher" through her work as a university professor and author, and the developer/leader of more than 200 seminars and workshops for legal associations and law firms.

A psychologist and recognized “gender expert,” Karen has studied gender differences (both men and women) for over 45 years. She is an active force behind the legal industry’s growing efforts to utilize the talents of men and women in ways that allow both to prosper, contribute and create satisfying careers. A passionate advocate for women, Karen received an award from of the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) for her contributions to women in NAWL. She also facilitates gatherings across industry sectors to foster the notion of women advancing women.

Before embarking on a professional consulting career, Karen maintained a successful private coaching/psychology practice. She has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University of Virginia and a B.A. from Trinity College in Connecticut.

Karen Kahn has developed a method for business development that will change the way you think and work. Her ideas are simple to implement and highly effective for anyone from novice marketer to established rainmaker. She is a brilliant coach, thought leader, and all-around terrific woman! 
— Angela Beranek Brandt, Partner, Larson King and Officer, National Association of Women Lawyers


  • Strategic Business Development
    Expanding the economic contribution and capabilities of all professionals at all levels.

  • Career Momentum
    Devising well-crafted plans at every career stage that align individual/professional goals with firm objectives to drive advancement.

  • Diversity in Action
    Taking powerful steps to combine the unique backgrounds and abilities of all professionals to create higher performing organizations.

  • Gender Savvy Directions
    Understanding, building and leveraging the various strengths and abilities of women and men individually and together to drive success and satisfaction.

  • Industry Group Development
    Generating business through applying focused, industry-centric strategies and tactics.

  • Colleague + Colleague Collaborations = Success
    Fostering productive, collaborative discussions to expand and explore new ways of succeeding.