Firm and Inhouse Leadership

Law firms are leader-full organizations. Partnerships place unique demands on members and strong and sophisticated leadership skills are required to manage in these organizations, even at an associate level. Further up the experiential ladder, the success of business development pitch teams, deal teams, litigation teams, practice groups, and firm committees all depend on individual lawyers knowing how to bring together and lead the best of a group of smart individuals. Good leadership makes a significant difference to the bottom line. Research reveals that law firms possessing talented leaders are more profitable, have higher retention, greater attorney engagement, and elevated work satisfaction. Because leadership acumen is not taught in law school, it is incumbent upon a firm to make sure that current and future leaders possess the breadth of knowledge and skills needed to assure that the firm maintains its competitive position. Threshold Advisors develops the leadership and management skills of current and future leaders so that they can optimize their contributions to the firm and their clients.

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