Career Momentum

In the past, young lawyers were hired fresh out of law school, worked beside a mentor, and progressed slowly and inexorably toward partnership. Today’s law firms are different: making partner is no longer a straight path, and a successful career may require jumps to more than one firm as well as personal time away from the profession. Some young lawyers are not even interested in partnership, nor is partnership a guarantee of life-long employment. Recognizing the complexities of career navigation in today’s modern firm, a successful firm must possess a variety of programs and approaches that enable individuals to build fulfilling, valuable, and successful legal careers. Sometimes this requires helping laterals integrate into the firm to become productive quickly, other times, coaching programs or retreats can provide the ingredients needed to advance. Firms that strategically focus on ways to develop their talent at all levels, throughout all career challenges and life events, are best able to retain the superlative talent and compete in the complex, global economy.

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